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The celebrations had a series of events around corporate venturing - which is where an organization buys an equity stake or enters in a joint venture with an innovative startup to gain competitive advantage - and its impact on private and government organizations.
Geert van de Wouw, Shell Technology Ventures director, says: "We are looking to develop long-term mutually, beneficial partnerships with emerging technology companies, venture capital firms and corporate venturing organisations.
Corporate venturing is not an isolated phenomenon, but an important part of a broader trend that is transforming the role of the R&D function.
According to Clearwater's Alchemist report, there are about 550 corporate venturing units in the world, of which about a quarter have been launched in the past 18 months.
As rates of return on venture capital investments rose, corporations once again became attracted to the opportunity of corporate venturing.
Whitney's (1997) case study and substantial anecdotal evidence reported by Pearson (1992) and others suggest that Procter & Gamble is an equally active participant in the corporate venturing arena.
Put simply, corporate venturing is putting companies with problems with those that have solutions.
IBF board member and award-winning marketing expert Jennifer Jones, CEO of Jennifer Jones & Partners, to interview Krane at IBF's Corporate Venturing and Innovation Partnering Conference, Newport Beach, Feb.
Corporate venturing investors are most involved in supporting early stage start-ups and innovation.
In part three, "The Best of Both Worlds," Lerner shows how corporate venturing initiatives have worked to bring venture-capital practices into the corporate R&D world and suggests how a merging of these two models can offer a powerful, productive architecture for the next generation of corporate R&D.
Despite major tax relief on offer to businesses who participate in corporate venturing, many Midlands companies do not understand what it is or how it can benefit their business.
After we have presented our framework of definitions pertaining to corporate entrepreneurship, we then proceed to discuss some of the critical constructs by which internal corporate venturing efforts might be classified to illustrate the possibilities of the approach taken.
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