corporate restructuring

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Corporate restructuring


The act or process of changing the terms on the assets and/or liabilities of a company. That is, a company may consolidate its debts, significantly change the size and scope of its operations, and take other measures to reduce the strain of continuing operation. Most companies restructure either as part of a bankruptcy or as an effort to avoid it. If the company is restructuring as part of a corporate bankruptcy, it is said to be in receivership.

corporate restructuring

  1. a change in a firm's STRATEGIC DIRECTION involving, for example, its expansion into new business activities (see DIVERSIFICATION) and its withdrawal from some existing activities (see DIVESTMENT).
  2. a change in a firm's internal ORGANIZATION involving, for example, the replacement of a highly centralized decision-making structure by one based on individual STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNITS. See ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE, BUSINESS PROCESS RE-ENGINEERING.
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Its easy-to-use, scalable technology and industry expertise enable corporate debtors and their professionals to do more with less, with 24/7 support from experienced experts at every stage of corporate restructuring.
She has a wide experience of formal insolvencies, working on large corporate restructurings and brings substantial legal market and technical knowledge.
Corporate restructuring--The purpose of a corporate restructuring is to enhance shareholder value, or to close the gap between the break-up value of the company and its current market value, which may be severely depressed.
These four seasoned corporate restructuring professionals:
Mr Alan Bloom, corporate restructuring practice leader, said: "There has been a marked reduction in the number of formal insolvencies in recent years as the rescue culture has taken hold.
Avon had in excess of 600,000 square feet at 9 West 57th Street, a/k/a the Solow Building, when it embarked on a corporate restructuring designed to save both space and dollars by moving a quarter million square-foot unit, (specifically the North American Business Unit) into the base of 1251 Avenue of the Americas, and the International Unit into mid-rise floors at 1345 Avenue of the Americas.
Her extensive legal expertise and knowledge of corporate restructuring are an added value to our clients," said Michael Frishberg, KCC's Vice President, Business Development.
With KCC OnTheGo, corporate restructuring professionals have access to case data, bankruptcy-specific legal resources, industry news and local travel recommendations from a single source.
Japan's economic recovery will prove durable if government and business leaders maintain momentum on corporate restructuring, economic reform, and ending deflation.
I am pleased to be here today to discuss corporate restructuring and the need for reducing the federal budget deficit, issues raised in your letter of invitation.
Sharp and David Hartie, this service offering helps clients manage communications with public securities holders at every stage of the corporate restructuring process.
Frishberg, KCC's EVP of Corporate Restructuring Services, has been announced by The M&A Advisor as a winner of the 2012 40 Under 40 Recognition Awards.

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