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The near-post corner kick is more successful than the more common far-post kick for a number of reasons:
We've been practicing a lot of corner kicks," Pennington said.
Chivas went ahead 1-0 four minutes into the match when Claudio Suarez converted a corner kick.
Tondreau then delivered a corner kick in the 39th minute, which West Ranch goalkeeper Rebecca Seguancia made an acrobatic one-hand save on to deny Belsheim's header, before Cabrera tapped the loose ball in the open net.
Carlisle never learned their lesson and it all happened again on the hour when Tony Ellis rose to yet another corner kick and headed in to make it 3-1 before Soley's spot kick.
The ensuing corner kick tested the young goalkeeper again, but he blocked the effort.
Oregon also went 0-for-21 on corner kicks in its two games this weekend.
I have been able to get him to do corner kicks, goalie kicks, throw-ins and kickoffs.
Pressed into the role Saturday by suspensions, Ante Razov quickly showed that maybe he's better as a target instead of a taker of corner kicks.
Italy possessed sizable advantages in possession, shots on goal, corner kicks, offside calls, but the Germans created better, if fewer, chances in 90 minutes of regulation.
New England had three corner kicks and four free kicks from the wing in the first half, and L.
Said MacKechnie: ``I'm really good on corner kicks, so I just thought of it like I was taking one of those.