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Traditional corkboards," said Protzko, "are everywhere - in schools, libraries, community centers, businesses, places of worship.
The company said that advertisers can take advantage of the site's social networking directions and aim relevant services or product promotions towards users with fees being calculated on how much space an advert will take up on the virtual corkboard.
An oversized button is pinned to his jersey, the same picture I glimpsed on the corkboard of Bobby flashing a peace sign, a smoldering, brown blunt pressed to his lips.
Features include a built-in video network, password protection, E-Alert automatic email notification, and the Corkboard, an interactive communication tool.
A wall-mounted marker board or corkboard is also a good investment to stop your walls becoming a makeshift canvass.
Creating the display (picture frame, corkboard, photo album) can be as creative as you wish.
While the Super 16 was setting up, they would shoot close-ups of the dancers using the Super 8 camera, lit only by a 60-watt blub illuminated against a corkboard, creating dark pools of light against a shadowy background.
After school one day, Aqeelah and two other black girls were running down the hall when one of them accidentally knocked a corkboard off the wall.
My assistant, Sally Dunbar, brought in a map mounted on corkboard, and we stuck pins in every city that had picked up the strip.
What better place for your friends to hang their new Y2K calendar [see page 52] than on a cool, kitschy corkboard with a faux cheetah-print frame ($18)
Back at his modest concrete house, Marin shows off a giant corkboard crowded with photographs, postcards, and other mementos from distant places: Manila, the Philippines; Paramaribo, Suriname; Seoul, South Korea.
Photos will then be displayed on the "Do the Wild Thing" corkboard and prizes will be awarded.