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In Hollyoaks, killer groom Calvin cops off with his dad's girlfriend.
Checks and balances that keep bad cops off the streets are important; nobody wants a bad cop as a partner.
Because our elected officials paved those avenues, barely set a speed limit, and took the cops off the beat.
Taking over from Singer, Koon found that his commands were ignored by the muscular, six-foot-one-inch, 250-pound King, who tossed two cops off his back and took two shots from an electronic stun gun, only to keep coming.
irresponsible and inflammatory" in promoting the album "Body Count" in which the song Cop Killer contains such lyrics as "I'm a Cop Killer -- Dust some cops off -- Die, Pig, Die.
She travels far away from her troubled past and hopes to throw the cops off her scent by alighting early in the quaint fishing community of Southport, North Carolina.