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The recent contraction also seems to have been relatively short by historical standards.
On the other hand, for both the rate of change of the money stock, and the physical index of general business, the correlation was high and statistically significant between the amplitude of a contraction and the amplitude of the succeeding expansion.
The TrueLabor[TM] device provides a patented wireless solution for accurate monitoring of uterine contractions and fetal heart rate.
4 per cent for the first contraction in six quarters
magellanicus, as shown by the short interval between phasic contractions and the high phasic contraction rate (Fig.
February saw the sharpest contraction since September 2013, and the survey showed many of the same trends continuing to weigh on the economy in March, including a weak currency boosting input costs and subdued demand dampening output and employment.
Subsidiaries of Lebanese banks in Syria suffered a contraction in net profits to USD19.
7%, with the same rate of contraction recorded in the second quarter, while in the third and fourth quarters real activity is forecast to decline by 2.
2+] channel on muscle contraction, we hypothesized that magnolol affect the colonic smooth muscle contraction mediated through the L-type calcium channels.
Instruction began with the introduction of the dot placement of a contraction and the letters that the contraction represented, along with the sound it made as a syllable.
A contraction of the services sector would add weight to fears that the economy is deteriorating after the manufacturing sector suffered a shock contraction in the second biggest decline in the 20-year history of the Markit/CIPS survey.
For example, previous researchers have reported that as contraction velocity increases, SEMG-AMP can either increase (plateauing at about 3000 s-1) (Coburn et al.

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