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Next to, actually touching, at something greater than a point. The identification of contiguous parcels is important in the following circumstances:

• In adverse possession, a party in actual possession of property that has a defective deed is considered in constructive possession of the remainder of the parcel, but not of contiguous parcels, even if described in the same deed.
• Bankrupt debtors may claim homestead rights in contiguous parcels of land and are not limited to the single parcel on which their home sits, assuming other legal requirements are met.
• Under the Uniform Land Security Interest Act (model legislation not necessarily passed by all states) a mortgage lender's after acquired property clause is unenforceable except as to contiguous property.

Parcel C is contiguous to parcels A and D,but only adjacent to parcels B and E. But, in some jurisdictions, if the corners of the properties touch, this is sufficient to make the properties “contiguous.”

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Combating these threats requires our military to organize, train, equip, and plan for employing forces in an area to wage decisive action on a contiguous battlefield.
4 percent of the contiguous US experienced drought conditions, a slight decrease from 38.
Nations can exercise limited control for the purposes of preventing or punishing infringement of customs, fiscal, immigration and sanitation laws in their contiguous zones, which lie between their territorial waters and exclusive economic zones.
In 2003, the Department of Revenue issued its decision rejecting Sonoco's claims and stating that "intervening roads, rights-of-way, and railroad tracks do not destroy contiguity" The trial court disagreed, finding that the public road between the buildings and the plant site created a "clearly defined, intervening land area with legal boundaries demarcating the two land areas" The court thus held that the four buildings were not contiguous with the plant site and were entitled to a 6% assessment ratio.
The new acquisition contiguous to Fort McMurray puts Habanero right in the heart of the Oil Sands.
JANUARY 2006 TEMPERATURES IN 48 CONTIGUOUS STATES The map and its key show the number of states that fall into each of three temperature categories for January 2006.
This special MoveFile API makes a contiguous copy of the file on the disk to the location specified by the defragmenter.
First, large areas of the contiguous 48 states are not represented, and the book offers no suggestions for readers in these areas.
The vessel left the contiguous zone around 11:27 a.
2,700,000 for two contiguous five-story walk-up apartment buildings containing a total of 42 units, located on Crotona Avenue in the Bronx, New York.
Small Business Administration (SBA) is reminding businesses that August 21 is the filing deadline for federal disaster loans that are available to small, non-farm and agriculture-dependent businesses located in the counties of Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Madison, Montgomery, Ontario, Orange, Rensselaer, Suffolk and Sullivan and contiguous counties of Albany, Chenango, Columbia, Cortland, Delaware, Dutchess, Essex, Franklin, Greene, Lewis, Livingston, Monroe, Nassau, Oneida, Onondaga, Oswego, Otsego, Putnam, Rockland, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Seneca, St.
The gate in dispute, actually a mechanical arm, sits on private property linking Valley Street to Calgrove Boulevard, two contiguous public roadways in Newhall, shown on traffic maps as arteries to the Golden State Freeway.