consumer credit

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Consumer credit

Credit a firm grants to consumers for the purchase of goods or services. Also called retail credit.

Consumer Credit

Any loan or line of credit that a borrower uses to purchase goods and services at the retail level. Typically, consumer credit finances any asset that depreciates quickly and is not used for investment purposes. Credit cards are a common example of consumer credit because one pays for ordinary expenses such as groceries or gasoline with a credit card; one ordinarily would not purchase stock with a credit card. Loans for education and cars are also examples of consumer credit. However, consumer credit expressly excludes loans for real estate.

consumer credit

LOANS made available to buyers of products to assist them in financing purchases. Consumer credit facilities include HIRE PURCHASE, INSTALMENT CREDIT, BANK LOANS and CREDIT CARDS.
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The Trust Bank, in the meantime, has suspended new tie-up loans through consumer credit companies excluding the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings group as its record is not accessible to them and therefore, incapable to check loan applications thoroughly.
Inflation-adjusted nonmortgage consumer credit outstanding peaked in June 2008 at $2.
It also wants to roll back competition from other mammoth banking groups in the consumer credit field by centralizing the management of customer information and other key data for the group's consumer credit business at Jaccs.
The principal significance of consumer credit is the way it regulates and ultimately limits the hedonistic qualities of consumer culture" (p.
Wilshire Consumer Credit provides loan assistance to people in need of fast cash.
Changes in consumer tastes, the marketing of financing alternatives, and the tax environment can all affect the composition of consumer credit.
an Italian holding company specializing in consumer credit, has implemented Fair Isaac's advanced predictive modeling tools to improve risk assessment and portfolio profitability.
Stamford, CT-based VantageScore Solutions, LLC was founded in March 2006 as an independently managed joint venture between the country's three national consumer credit reporting companies -- Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion -- to develop a universal, highly predictive, and consistent credit scoring system for the consumer credit markets.
These school and community projects, along with dozens of others, were offered nationwide this year to address consumer credit education needs.
These community projects, along with dozens of others, are offered nationwide in 1992 to address consumer credit education needs.
Suzanne Boas, president of Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Atlanta, states, "Credit education is critical today.

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