constant dollars

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Constant Dollar

A measure of a dollar's value with respect to some year. One may use a constant dollar analysis to account for inflation. For example, suppose one wishes to measure changes in the U.S. national debt. It would be most useful to use a constant dollar format, for example, by measuring the national debt for all years in the dollar's value in the year 2000. This eliminates inflation as a consideration when analyzing the national debt.

constant dollars

Dollars reported in unchanged value compared with the value reported on a previous date. For example, a company may have raised its dividends on each share of common stock from $2.00 in 1986 to $5.00 in 1996. However, after investors have adjusted for consumer price increases during the 10-year period, the 1996 dividend amounts to only $3.60 in constant dollars. In this case, the 1996 dollars are constant in terms of their 1986 purchasing power.
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Net cruise costs excluding fuel per ALBD for the third quarter are expected to be 2 to 3 percent higher on a constant dollar basis compared to the prior year.
On a constant dollar basis, net cruise revenues and net cruise costs
However, when constant dollars are compared, incomes for male Aboriginals have decreased between 1991 and 1996 while they increased for female Aboriginals during the same time period.
36% in 1973-1974, but in constant dollars declined from 5.
Between 1992-96, the industry's compound annual growth rate will exceed 3% in constant dollars with most of this growth expected after 1994.
The annual indexes are based on industry output in terms of current dollars, defined as value added plus the cost of materials, reported in the Annual Survey of Manufactures; the current dollars are converted to constant dollars with deflators from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which are based mostly on producer price indexes published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Beauty sales declined 17%, but increased 3% in constant dollars.
In fact, per student spending in constant dollars climbed 17 percent from 1978 to 1997, and is now at the highest level ever.
The "residual," which is the difference between constant-dollar GDP less the statistical discrepancy in constant dollars and GDP in constant dollars measured as the sum of GPO by industry, was -$33.
Yet physician income, measured in pretax, constant dollars, stayed virtually the same, because, according to Ginzberg, "in most market areas, as in most fields of specialization, established physicians are able to influence both the demand for their services (by encouraging return visits by their patients) and their incomes (by raising their fees).
4 percent in constant dollars primarily due to higher dry-dock costs and advertising expenses.
Avon Beauty sales declined 9%, or flat in constant dollars.

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