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An entity given legal responsibility for overseeing, protecting, or preserving the interests and affairs of another entity deemed incapable often doing so. See: Bailout, Conservatorship


A guardian, receiver, or other protector appointed by a court to manage the assets of someone suffering from a permanent or temporary disability that prevents the person from managing his or her own affairs.A person need not be adjudged mentally incompetent to have a conservator appointed, and the appointment does not disqualify the person from entering into contracts, making or changing wills,or any other such legal rights.

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Chief Conservator Sindh said he has already imposed a ban on trading leopard geckos and scorpions, adding that even airport and sea port officials have been requested to inform the wildlife department in case any shipment is delivered.
A sub-committee of the board of the Conservators has been set up to establish the terms of reference for the inquiry.
Conservators, technicians, and experts have worked publicly on both small- and large-scale ROM artifacts.
The keynote speaker will be Brian Considine, senior conservator of decorative arts and sculptures at the J.
While most conservators treat their wards well, there have been cases in which a caretaker has taken advantage.
Other Rohm and Haas products with attractive properties for conservators include RHOPLEX[TM] and PRIMAL[TM] waterborne acrylic resins.
The scheme is a groundbreaking initiative by conservators at Durham University Library to roll out expertise and training to small museums and libraries all over the North-east.
Conservators began using solvents to remove the polymers.
Talking to Judd's assistants, fabricators, and conservators, it quickly becomes clear that the particularities of the artist's chosen materials were all-important.
The award-winning venue is unique in presenting the work of museum conservators to the public.
Recommendations made by the conservators during the early assessment stage should now be taken into account.
And that's good news for Malvern Hills Conservators.