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It's a job which gives her free reign to do with completest rangers what she already does with abandon with her mates: sort out their love lives.
The reason is that, so long as we deal with the cosmic and the general, we deal only with the symbols of reality, but as soon as we deal with private and personal phenomena as such, we deal with realities in the completest sense of the term.
is a folio-volume, vellum, which contains the completest version of the Cursor Mundi on 138 leaves, closely written in double columns, each of about 45 lines, in 3 different hands of the first half of the 14th century, and, in some passages, in a fourth hand of a later time.
can only be attained with the realization of the woman['s] movement in its latest and completest phase as an enlightened culture of mothethood.
Now the Paper Mill Playhouse has entered the competition for the "Bestest and Completest Follies Recording.
Mayer's description of indlavini matches quite closely the world of the Nephews: "it claims the completest autonomy, has the most rigidly endogenous structure and 'laws', gives the most prominence to the male core group, demands the most total loyalty, secrecy and discipline, and punishes its members the most severely.
In England Rebecca West had said, "Hamsun has the qualities that belong to the very great, the completest omniscience about human nature.