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In the firms' balance sheets and revenues, the spread between the results of the top competitors and of the entire group was consistently widest for individually owned firms.
industry must go through a transformation to become a world class competitor.
SANTA CLARITA - Eddie LeGault competed in tennis for the first time Saturday during the Special Olympics Spirit Games, but the veteran competitor is looking forward to his favorite event of bowling.
For example, computer mapping software can convert ordinary customer and competitor databases into map coverages or "overlays.
However, Nextel still remains an aggressive competitor that believes that its survival and success will be accomplished through a new service that will allow customers to use one phone in most parts of the world, innovate Web applications, and a new generation of smaller cellular phones.
Cat's task force also found its big Japanese competitor had relied on its dominance of the Japanese market to subsidize its global export drive.
In a surprising reversal of company styles, it was the Bolshoi rather than the Kirov which provided the lyrical competitor.
Today, Ford Credit executives get succinct reports and briefings describing the probable impact of new competitor activities, the threats and opportunities posed by new technology initiatives, and how current or potential competitors might change the dynamics of the industry.
These data can be organized according to the specific competitor (John Doe & Co.