competitive bidding

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Competitive bidding

A securities offering process in which securities firms submit competing bids to the issuer for the securities the issuer wishes to sell.

Competitive Bid

A sealed bid, given to an issuer by an underwriter, containing a prospective price and terms for a contract. At the close date of bidding, the issuer picks the best offer. U.S. Government agencies are usually required to use this process and award the contract to the least expensive option. This is also used for various other ventures, from IPOs to project finance.

competitive bidding

1. A method by which a corporation or government organization wishing to sell securities in the primary market chooses an investment banker for the sale on the basis of the best price submitted by interested investment bankers. Municipal governments and public utilities are often required to ask for competitive bids on new security issues. See also negotiated offering.
2. The bidding on U.S. Treasury securities in which an investor stipulates a particular price or yield.
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In recommending the deletion of the competitive bidding section (Section 4118) of the "Health Security Act," Tracey stated: "The goal of maintaining and improving quality health care for millions of Americans will not be advanced by competitive bidding for home medical equipment or rehabilitative/assistive technology.
appear to be more in sequencing rather than ultimate compliance with competitive bidding statutes.
The four-page report notes state laws governing competitive bidding are intended to ``eliminate favoritism, fraud and corruption'' in awarding contracts.
Today's mark-up of the Competitive Bidding Improvement Act in the House Ways and Means Committee is a critical step forward for this bipartisan, budget neutral legislation that will bring common sense to the Medicare bidding process.
Like most HME/DME providers, we don't believe that competitive bidding will be good for the industry or the patients they serve, but for now it's reality," said Jeff Johnston, co-owner of Definitive Homecare.
CMS is announcing the next steps to implement the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program now to give the supplier community ample time to prepare as well as inform other stakeholders," said Charlene Frizzera, CMS acting administrator.
Competitive bidding could reduce Medicare program payments by providing an incentive for suppliers to accept lower payments for items and services to retain their ability to serve beneficiaries and potentially increase their market share.
The Medicare Clinical Laboratory Competitive Bidding Project is the current threat to assuring appropriate reimbursement for laboratory services.
More specifically, the potential of competitive bidding could harm small regional health centers and small independent laboratories.
Due to multiple bidders and the competitive bidding process, the team was able to save an estimated $2.
The approval, which reverses a decade-old city policy that awarded bond underwriting through competitive bidding, comes despite concerns it could cost the city more money.
The Service will conduct a competitive bidding process in choosing PCAs.

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