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Short for "comparison ticket," a memorandum between two brokers that confirms the details of a transaction to be carried out.


A confirmation from one broker to another with respect to the details of a security trade. Also called broker comparison, comp.
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The comparison of Charles II to David was not original with Dryden, but was a commonplace of the Court party.
From one of the passionate letters which later passed between them and which it is interesting to read in comparison Pope takes the idea and something of the substance of the poem.
The style, both absolutely and in comparison with previous writers.
Your impression of it, absolutely and in comparison with other biographies?
And yet, I said, all these are as nothing, either in number or greatness in comparison with those other recompenses which await both just and unjust after death.
His teeth, while strong and sharp, were, as weapons of offense, pitifully inadequate by comparison with the mighty fighting fangs of the anthropoids.
In his right hand he grasped his hunting knife--a puny, futile thing indeed by comparison with the great rows of mighty teeth which lined Sheeta's powerful jaws, and the sharp talons encased within his padded paws; yet the young Lord Greystoke faced it with the same courageous resignation with which some fearless ancestor went down to defeat and death on Senlac Hill by Hastings.
But as Nature often exhibits some of her best performances to a very full house, so will the behaviour of her spectators no less admit the above-mentioned comparison than that of her actors.
Table 6-8-2-1, Comparison of Young Hog Prices in Live Hog Production by Scale in Sichuan Province 126
Several studies of VR (RSA, 1982; Abt & Associates, 1974) have used the not rehabilitated cohort as a comparison group.
Created primarily on research data, the report contains industry structures, as well as comparison of key players based on each animal species
Additionally, the report provides a comparison of the various services in an easy-to-use format.

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