comparative market analysis

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comparative market analysis (CMA)

An analysis of the value of property by taking only a very few market indicators, such as price per square foot for land or price per unit for apartments, and then extrapolating to the property under analysis.This does not constitute an appraisal,but may give prospective sellers a basis for setting a sales price for listing purposes.

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I have tried to make it as easy as possible," Heather said, "in two easy steps a Studio City homeowner can have a Comparative Market Analysis delivered to their inbox without even having to talk to a Realtor.
The new comparative market analysis from Joe Lacey will provide clientele that are considering buying and selling homes in southern Maryland with complete information about that property's value.
Dream Town will provide a free comparative market analysis, which effectively determines the worth of a property, to any homeowner interested in assessing the current value of his or her Chicago abode.
Hall performs a comparative market analysis by contrasting the homes to similar and neighboring homes recently sold in the area.

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