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Describes a trader's obligation to accept or make delivery on a futures contract. Related: Open interest.


1. The legal obligation to undertake an activity in a given way at a given time in the future. Usually, commitment refers to the requirement for parties to a futures contract to make or receive delivery of the underlying commodities on the expiration date of the contract.

2. A liability. A commitment is the obligation to make good on an agreement at some point. For example, a borrower makes a commitment to pay back a loan by a certain time.

commitment (loan)

An agreement by a lender to extend a loan on certain terms and conditions and by a certain date. Language making the “commitment” subject to credit approval or underwriting are not true commitments at all, but merely quotes.

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This comes just two months after Commit rebranded with a focus on brand definition, experience design and influence; moved its office to downtown Chandler; and brought on Richard Cassey as partner and chief strategy officer.
Three-star Oregon commit Johnny Mundt will officially visit Oregon for the Stanford game.
Jurors at Worcester Crown Court were unable to reach a verdict on charges of conspiracy to commit blackmail which were denied by David Hallam and Luke Hardy.
In Florida, for example, anyone aged 16 or older who commits murder is sentenced to mandatory life in prison without parole.
To make the crime more acceptable, the investigator can minimize the suspect's deviant actions by explaining how he has seemingly overcome overwhelming natural circumstances and, despite having the uncontrollable propensity to commit more crimes, he has show considerable restraint.
The appeals court held that the allegations stated a claim that the officers were aware of a substantial risk of harm that the inmate would commit suicide and failed to take reasonable steps to prevent the inmate's suicide.
Under the current desperate circumstances, responsible officials of Member States permitting the continuation of economic sanctions against Iraq could commit the separate international crime of "complicity" in the crime of genocide that is today being inflicted upon the Applicants by the Respondents, in violation of Article III(e) of the Genocide Convention.
In some instances, CEOs commit financial statement fraud because of personal financial difficulties.
There are several factors that predispose students to commit a violent act.
Few people who commit fraud have been known to save or hoard stolen assets.
A new study suggests that this laudable trend has a downside--mentally retarded men and women living in the community commit substantially more crimes of all types by age 30 than do people with no mental retardation or disorder.