commercial property

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Commercial property

Real estate that produces some sort of income-producing property.

Commercial Property

Real estate and improvements thereon that the local government has specifically designated for business use. Commercial property may be set aside for farming, industrial use, or professional offices. Municipalities usually group commercial property together to maintain orderliness in the city, and to prevent new developments from interfering with existing homes and businesses. For example, a city may set aside an area for commercial development so a business does not build a large factory next to personal homes. Commercial property usually has to comply with certain standards set by the municipality; for example, a building may be required to have a certain aesthetic. Commercial property may be taxed differently from other property. See also: Zoning.

commercial property

Property designed for use as offices, retail space, or wholesale, hospitality, or similar uses. Contrast with multifamily residential (apartments), residential development, or industrial property.

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For the most part, I do not think it occurred to me that they were there to be sold; for this pale poet seemed indifferent to the commercial property in them, and only to wish me to like them.
com)-- SimplifyEm has recently launched its new website for Commercial Property Management Software.
The enticing, but false, claim is that homeowners could save hundreds of dollars a year if commercial property was subject to high appraisals.
A SUCCESSFUL auction service by a Teesside firm of chartered surveyors has seen a string of recent commercial property sales.
hk), decided last Friday that to support the growth of the listed company, in the 3 years starting from 1st January 2014, it will grant the right of first refusal to Wanda Commercial Properties to participate in the commercial property projects it develops, particularly those in southern China which comprises provinces such as Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan, allowing the listed company to decide whether or not to join the development projects.
OWNERS and managers of commercial property are being warned about new squatting laws that could lead to a rise in squatters targeting empty commercial buildings, if passed in the House of Commons next week.
West Midlands law firm FBC Manby Bowdler has appointed partner David Grove as head of its commercial property department.
ONE of Liverpool's newest law firms has launched its own commercial property division.
LAW firm Everett Tomlin Lloyd & Pratt (ETLP), which has offices in Cardiff and Pontypool, has appointed commercial property solicitor Robert Twigg to its staff.
ESTATE agency Cornerstone has forged a new partnership to strengthen its activities in the commercial property market.
IRISH banks could go bust because of their exposure to dangerous commercial property loans.
High flyer Phil Dean has joined Mincoffs as partner in its growing commercial property department.

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