commercial property

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Commercial property

Real estate that produces some sort of income-producing property.

Commercial Property

Real estate and improvements thereon that the local government has specifically designated for business use. Commercial property may be set aside for farming, industrial use, or professional offices. Municipalities usually group commercial property together to maintain orderliness in the city, and to prevent new developments from interfering with existing homes and businesses. For example, a city may set aside an area for commercial development so a business does not build a large factory next to personal homes. Commercial property usually has to comply with certain standards set by the municipality; for example, a building may be required to have a certain aesthetic. Commercial property may be taxed differently from other property. See also: Zoning.

commercial property

Property designed for use as offices, retail space, or wholesale, hospitality, or similar uses. Contrast with multifamily residential (apartments), residential development, or industrial property.

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For the most part, I do not think it occurred to me that they were there to be sold; for this pale poet seemed indifferent to the commercial property in them, and only to wish me to like them.
Following training and corporate work with a number of leading City of London law firms, he has specialised in commercial property since 1988, working on NHS property exclusively for approximately five years, commercial leases, community store developments, major acquisitions and disposals, and sports centre retail lettings nationally.
Law firm MFG Solicitors is investing heavily in its commercial property team following the launch of a dedicated centre in its Bromsgrove office.
He said the prices in the primary housing market, secondary housing market, land market, commercial property market, as well as rental housing market and rental commercial property market increased for the month.
The deal adds a team of talented commercial property tax professionals, including Scott Retzloff, who will assume a role on the senior leadership team as Principal.
Gordon Brown heads up the commercial property department at GBLF.
DEMAND for commercial property in the North East fell during the last quarter of 2015, despite investors seeing it as a safe haven with rents and capital values continuing to rise, a new survey says.
Commercial property provides the physical infrastructure for commercial economic activity.
com)-- SimplifyEm has recently launched its new website for Commercial Property Management Software.
To support this growth commercial property professional Keri Harding-Jones has been appointed to the expanding Newportbased business.
A SUCCESSFUL auction service by a Teesside firm of chartered surveyors has seen a string of recent commercial property sales.

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