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It would be burdensome, expensive, and time-consuming for large commercial enterprises to annually trace each expenditure or investment to a particular "source.
The new operation will serve mid-to-large commercial enterprises with a wide range of software and information technology planning and implementation services including business needs analysis, architectural and database design, project implementation, documentation, maintenance, training, support, and outsourcing.
That is why there is often an outpouring of popular regret, and sometimes even anger, at the closing of such commercial enterprises as old movie theaters, neighborhood bars, small bookstores, night clubs, and specialty shops-or at the transfer of professional sports franchises.
The new ordinance, signed into law Wednesday afternoon by Mayor Richard Riordan, allows vendors to accept donations for material that is of an artistic, political or religious nature, but bans unlicensed commercial enterprises that sell sunglasses, clothing and other wares.
HVAC optimization supplier and accounting specialist to advise commercial enterprises on benefits of implementing energy efficient technology
InTether Server is being used in the demonstration to facilitate protecting and sharing sensitive digital information within a group of Federal, State and Local agencies, as well as commercial enterprises.
CertiPath directly links commercial enterprises with one another and more than 500,000 colleagues at key government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and the Treasury and State Departments.
com) parent company of Paradigm Solutions Corporation and Paradigm Solutions International, is a comprehensive information technology and business solutions provider for government and commercial enterprises.

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