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Applies to derivative products. Arrangement of options involving two long or two short positions with different expiration dates or strike (exercise) prices. See: Straddle.


A union of two or more entities, either by merging one or more of the entities into another of the entities or by consolidating the entities into a new entity.
Case Study Lucas Industries PLC and Variety Corporation, two manufacturers of auto and truck brakes, agreed in June 1996 to a combination to be called Lucas-Variety PLC. Managements of both firms indicated the combination was necessary so as to remain competitive in a market that demanded a global presence. The combination also was expected to produce cost savings and to result in tax savings by allowing the new firm to benefit from Lucas's tax-loss carryforwards. Terms of the agreement called for the two firms to merge into a new company through an exchange of shares. Variety's owners would receive approximately 38% of the shares of the new firm while Lucas's owners would receive the other 62% of the shares. The market prices of both firms' shares rose following announcement of the agreement, an indication that investors agreed with managements' assessment of the financial benefits of the merger.
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In 1995, Isis and ProtoGene initiated a collaboration to apply ProtoGene's parallel array synthesis automation to combinatorial synthesis of small molecules.
Given the presence of cost synergies in a multicontract auction environment there seems to be few reasons--if any--to believe that the standalone bids in a first-price combinatorial procurement auction on a set of individual contracts are identical to the bids submitted on the same set of contracts in a first-price auction without the option to bid on packages.
for integers 1 [less than or equal to] i, j [less than or equal to] m, which is inherent structure of combinatorial manifolds.
In order to achieve the high throughput associated with a combinatorial approach, which, in some cases, has been as high as hundreds of thousands of compounds per day, aspects of automation, miniaturization, and database management are involved.
So, given a combinatorial game's geometric structure, it may be possible to efficiently zero in on areas where winning moves are most likely to lie.
Kuo, Development of a system to evaluate compound identity, purity, and concentration in a single experiment and its application in quality assessment of combinatorial libraries and screening hits, J.
The European Society of Combinatorial Sciences is an association established in order to promote the advancement of combinatorial chemistry and related sciences including material sciences, medicinal sciences, and sciences of organic and inorganic chemistry and catalysis.
Technological advances will also benefit sales of combinatorial chemical instruments by encouraging drug and chemical developers to upgrade research and development capabilities through the addition of high value-added imaging systems, bench top synthesizers and robotic processing equipment.
Peoria, IL 61604) have used combinatorial chemistry with highly pressurized supercritical fluids to optimize extraction processes, to evaluate the efficiency of enzymes and to enrich nutraceuticals and other compounds sourced from plant-derived oils.
Combinatorial materials science offers the materials industries the opportunity to create more new products by significantly increasing R&D innovation.
Mimotopes is a worldwide research service and supply company offering combinatorial chemistry and custom manufacture of chemical compounds, peptides, and related materials and kits.
ik] are [greater than or equal to]0, f is said to be a combinatorial function (Myhill 1958; Nerode 1961; Dekker 1966).

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