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COLT (Continuous on-line trading system)

Computerized OTC traders assistance system that provides for trade entry and position monitoring, among other functions.

Continuous Online Trading System

A computerized order-entry system that sends buy or sell orders for over-the-counter trades. It is used to automatically execute orders, and allow users to monitor their positions.
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The special edition is based on the current Colt CZ2, with a portable Garmin satellite navigation system that includes Bluetooth as standard and leather upholstery.
When we buy from COLT, we know it's a component we don't have to worry about; and that's why we've doubled our spend with COLT in the last year.
dust then Colt emerges from the van with his board and tells Preston to follow him.
We are hopeful that Colt Ice Beer will continue to strengthen the Colt franchise.
They (Fidelity) would not do this if they didn't think this was a viable business model and that COLT was going to be a viable business,' said Mark Davis, telecoms analyst at West LB.
Shimmon outbid Thoroughbred Corporation boss Ahmed Salman, bidding by phone, to secure the big, lengthy colt out of stakes winner Omi, by Wild Again.
COLT's current tankage position includes five 120 MBL storage tanks located at the COLT Hub and an additional 120 MBL storage tank at the Dry Fork terminal.
The company engaged Verse Group to assess its reputation, changing customer needs, and to create a new expression, verbally and visually, of the COLT brand narrative.
Pabst Brewing Company launches Blast, a powerful, fruit-flavored addition to its Colt 45 brand.
The Colt AR15A4MP-FDE features a 20-inch government profile barrel, Magpul MOE rifle-length handguard, MOE pistol grip, MOE triggerguard and a MOE rifle stock, all finished in FDE.
Q: I just bought a nice looking 1895 Colt double-action revolver.