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Any rural population center in Arizona, California, New Mexico or Texas within 150 miles of the U.S. border with Mexico. Colonias very often are unincorporated and are set up without government approval. As a result, colonias frequently have substandard or nonexistent municipal infrastructure.


Residential areas along the United States side of the border with Mexico and that may lack some of the most basic living necessities,such as potable water and sewer systems,electricity,paved roads,and safe and sanitary housing.The Environmental Protection Agency estimates there are more than 1,300 colonia in Texas and New Mexico alone.

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has faded away, as parents dialogue with their children's principals at Comunitario PTA meetings, which are held right in the community center at the colonia.
We are delighted to launch this partnership with the Sora Hotel Group and are confident that Colonia Roma is an ideal location for our guests to enjoy the Four Points by Sheraton and all that Mexico City has to offer.
Reunited with his winning jockey, Denis O'Regan, Viva Colonia looks a cracking bet to give O'Meara his biggest pot so far.
Arroyo Chico ran through the southern end of Colonia Solona, provided cover, and served as a travel corridor.
It was also during this time that the present capitol of Uruguay, Montevideo, was founded as an end-run to render Colonia less effective.
My preference, though, is for Viva Colonia, who became disappointing for Charlie Mann last winter but seems to have been revitalised by his new trainer David O'Meara, who made such a favourable impression on the Flat after taking out a licence in mid-June.
One colonia houses a gym and an archery club, while another has been part-painted orange and turned into holiday apartments.
So we got to Eau de Colonia then the word Colonia popped out of Niclas's mouth.
204, Colonia Polanco; Tel: (5255) 5283-8700; Web: hotelnikkomexico.
Tino's agent Osmiro Colonia Mendez said: "Tino had a great time when he was back in Newcastle.