closing sale

Closing sale

A transaction in which the seller's intention is to reduce or eliminate a long position in a stock, or a given series of options.

Closing Sale

1. Any transaction that closes a position, especially a long position.

2. An option buyer's sale of a second option that cancels out the provisions of the previous option by having the same provisions.

closing sale

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Some 657,000 bargain hunters flocked to the store during its 25-day closing sale, including 20,000 Sunday, spending 2.
7% benefit from 42 stores that were liquidated earlier in the year in connection with store closing sale events.
5% from a year earlier, but the rise is attributed to a closing sale at a major retail outlet, an industry association said Tuesday.
375% Notes became convertible because the closing sale price of Hilton's common stock for at least 20 consecutive trading days during the 30 consecutive trading day period ending on the last trading day of the calendar quarter ended December 31, 2006 was greater than 120% of the conversion price in effect on such last trading day.
According to Marks, a store closing sale will begin November 11, offering significant discounts on all inventory from both the Rittenhouse location, and Nan Duskin's Baltimore store, which closed in October.
9% benefit from 40 stores that had been liquidated by the end of August in connection with store closing sale events and two other stores that closed earlier this month.
Most of the closing sale merchandise mix is apparel, with the remainder being predominantly household goods.
359 of a share of Vital Signs common stock for each share of Biomedical common stock if the average closing sale price of Vital Signs common stock over the 20 trading-day period ending three days prior to the merger closing date is between $20-7/8 and $26 per share.
The callable warrants have an exercise price equal to 124 percent of the average of the closing sale prices of the common stock of Centocor for the 20 trading days immediately preceding Jan.
9% benefit from 40 stores that have now been liquidated in connection with store closing sale events.
5% benefit from stores that are being liquidated in connection with store closing sale events.
The Company anticipates receiving gross proceeds from this offering of approximately $208 million, based on yesterday's closing sale price of the Company's common stock of $17.