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Emotional closeness has been commonly measured as both a behavioral and cognitive construct.
Her scholarship examines the relationship between interpersonal closeness and community connectedness to psychological adjustment, self-processing, and relational satisfaction.
Asked the same question, men appeared to find closeness to work less important.
They believed it was a common mistake to think only shared positive attitudes promoted closeness between people.
But you omitted my examples of this closeness, namely that his marriage to Diana Mitford in Berlin, Goebbels and his wife were present, and the wedding dinner was given by Hitler, and that his sister in law's closeness to Streicher enabled her to call him "darling", and that her weekly sessions with Hitler (picking out possible English traitors from the Tatler) led him to call her "dieser fanatismus".
Among the family members in the study, 50% reported some degree of family burden, 50% reported an effect on family health, and 25% reported an impact on family closeness.
Dr Williams, who is staying with Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor at the English College seminary in Rome, told the programme that his presence at the funeral was 'a mark of the deep bonds of personal closeness and intimacy that have come to exist between the office of the Archbishop and the Papacy'.
It is witty and shares a formal kinship with Keith Haring and Dunham, as well as a closeness to Mary Heilmann's humorous and lyrical take on nonrepresentational painting.
This concept has allowed us to maintain our goal of creating closeness with the client and strong understanding of their needs while delivering competitively priced but profitable solutions.
They're looking for the way to take advantage of their speed to market, thanks to geographic closeness to their biggest buyer, the United States.
The close blending of the haunting sounds, that echo around the high ceiling of the chapel, reflects the closeness of their relationship--they are husband and wife.
Children of that age crave closeness and attention.