clearing member

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Clearing member

A member firm of a clearing house. Each clearing member must also be a member of the exchange. Not all members of the exchange, however, are members of the clearing organization. All trades of a non-clearing member must be registered with, and eventually settled through, a clearing member.

Clearing Member

A member firm on an exchange that is also a member of a clearing house. Clearing members have access to the clearing house for the settlement of transactions. Non-member firms on an exchange must work with and through a member firm in order to settle their own transactions. See also: Clearing fee.

clearing member

A member of a clearing house. Membership in such a house permits the member firm to use it for clearing security trades.
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We are very pleased to have Nanhua USA join us as a Clearing Member," said Owain Johnson, Managing Director, DME.
All DME market participants are required to maintain an account with a DME clearing member and all trading in DME contracts is cleared through CME Clearing, a division of CME Group.
requirements of the clearing organization: if a clearing member does not
Ahmad Sharaf, Chairman of the DME, commented: "Welcoming Jump Trading to the DME as a Clearing Member signifies the growing awareness of the DME amongst the leaders in the algorithmic trading community.
Matched trades with clearing member identification are then reviewed by the clearing member.
Without changes, CCP-structure and operations could threaten the stability of the financial system during periods of market stress by imposing severe capital and liquidity strains on the markets and Clearing Members
We are delighted to become a direct clearing member of MGEX and extend to our clients the benefits of our membership.
PA) has announced a plan to offer clearing member services.
Summary: Muscat: RBS Securities (RBS) yesterday became a Clearing Member of Dubai Mercantile Exhange (DME), .
RBS Securities, a US registered broker-dealer and an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Scotland, has become a clearing member of DME, the Middle East's premier international energy futures and commodities exchange.
Clearing members will be called upon to deposit the remaining contributions under conditions of increased risk or to meet losses arising from clearing member default.
No other clearing member provides this level of disclosure to its clients," said Jerome Kemp, Global Head of Futures and OTC Clearing at Citi.