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It's a time-consuming task that is best prevented through regular cleanings and application of an anti-seize product like Watlow Release and Heat-Transfer Fluid (from Watlow Electric Mfg.
However, as the industry has become more aware of the benefits of green cleaning, the products have significantly improved, and because they are more readily available, prices have sunk as well.
I've gotten rid of so many knick-knacky things that cleaning isn't as bad as it used to be,'' she said.
An effective batch cleaning process will eliminate an important quantity of the contaminants.
For other applications, compact, off-the-shelf vacuum systems are perfectly adequate when replacing crude or unnecessarily hazardous cleaning methods, such as the use of compressed air hoses for blowing debris.
Following this approach relegates overall cleaning to an "as needed," less frequently performed activity.
Cleaning chemicals are increasingly complex, and it is incumbent on health care facilities to select the safest, most environmentally friendly products.
Sasseville says ETC's dry-ice method delivers more of a "gentle touch" in deep cleaning even the most hard-to-reach surfaces.
The cleaning process will save service members the frustrations of a failed inspection, along with commercial cleaning costs that vary from $80-$150 per vehicle, he said.
But you've also got a shining opportunity for creative entrepreneurs who can satisfy the demand for toxic-free cleaning.