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BABE, not baby," corrected Rebecca from the circular.
Of course it's just the same THING; but a baby has got to be called babe or infant in a circular, the same as it is in poetry
Here we discovered a spiral stairway leading up from the center of the circular room.
But a short distance from the circular chamber we came suddenly into a brilliantly lighted labyrinth of crystal glass partitioned passages.
The light of the lamp in the circular room poured in through the gap.
He is an exceedingly puffy little old gentleman, with big circular eyes and a huge double chin.
It was a printed circular announcing a new development in the charitable work of the Refuge.
He used to go ashore every night to foregather in some hotel's parlour with his crony, the mate of the barque Cicero, lying on the other side of the Circular Quay.
In shape it is nearly circular - and it is hung so that a reflection of the person can be obtained from it in none of the ordinary sitting-places of the room.
The judges were seated in a great circle about the periphery of the circular platform.
Wragge was seated at the table absorbed in the arrangement of a series of smart circulars and tempting price-lists, issued by advertising trades-people, and flung in at the cab-windows as they left the London terminus.
He throws the circulars into the fender, and posts himself on the hearthrug, with his back to the grate].