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Second, social age analysis involves an investigation into the social meanings ascribed to biological human development and/or chronological age.
16) obtained by regression analysis can predict chicken chronological age in weeks for an amount of telomeric DNA (X) quantified by the IQ FISH technique with high accuracy ([R.
16,17] When Demirjian methods was applied to north Indian population, mean difference between chronological age and dental age was minimal as reported earlier.
If chronological age was a determining factor in tire performance, the data would have shown a spike of tires removed from service after a particular time.
As can be seen in Table 1, the SLI group was further divided into two groups according to their chronological age.
Frick and Bruno (1986) concurred that new symptoms have little to do with chronological age as most persons appear to report having symptoms approximately 30 years post onset.
Looking younger than our chronological age will go hand in hand with technologies already being developed, such as cloning, stem cell technology and gene therapy, says Dr Klatz.
Much has been written lately about the importance of factors other than just chronological age in making decisions about health and health care.
Fundamentally, the IQ becomes more reliable with an increase in chronological age.
Chronological age is not an insurmountable barrier: Very young children can, and often do, learn to read before they enter school; and adults can become literate long after they have left school (Apel & Swank, 1999; Fisher, 1998).
This makes little biological or statistical sense, because chronological age is purely a count of years and could hardly be said to depend on any biological process.
Even the new Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us that chronological age or maturity are not required for Confirmation.