certificate of occupancy

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certificate of occupancy (C/O)

Almost always referred to simply as a “C.O.”A document issued by a local government certifying that a structure has passed all required inspections and is ready for occupancy. It is always required at the completion of any construction when repairs require a construction permit. It is also often required when a property changes character from residential to commercial, even if no construction takes place, and is sometimes required before issuance of a new business license when a property changes hands. As a de facto method of enforcement, many utility companies will not permit service until receipt of a valid certificate of occupancy.

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We view receipt of the Certificate of Occupancy for the laboratory as the achievement of an important milestone in our journey to complete the construction, installation, testing and start-up of our initial production module in Clarkdale," stated Ian McNeil, Chief Executive Officer of Searchlight Minerals Corp.
The certificate of occupancy the school hopes to receive will be temporary, allowing the rink to open under conditions cited by the building inspector.
They have left the development unfinished and failed to procure the legally-required permanent certificate of occupancy for unit owners.
What: Greenwich Development & Real Estate Services and Principado Investments LLC Receive Certificate of Occupancy on Their Newest Commercial Office Building In West Kendall Property Location: Greenwich Commercial Village 12595 SW 137 Avenue, Miami, Florida
The project is in various stages of completion, with 143 Classon Avenue almost finished and 159 Classon Avenue requiring significant construction work before receiving its final certificate of occupancy.
Energy & Engine Technology Corporation (BULLETIN BOARD: EENT) (EENT) announces that it anticipates receiving the Certificate of Occupancy for its new production facility tomorrow, July 30, from the City of Pompano Beach.
AGOURA HILLS - Reed's Furniture had to cancel the long-planned Memorial Day weekend opening of its Canwood Street outlet store after the city refused to issue a certificate of occupancy.
Normally, fire protection systems must be operational before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued, usually at the very end of a project.
Legacy Builders offers pre-construction, general contracting and construction management services, including budgeting/estimating, inspections for certificate of occupancy and financial reporting.
She said With this approval, land owners in the territory, within a specific time, will have their titles of certificate of occupancy which in turn can be used to obtain loans and mortgages that will also transform into economic activities and development in the territory.
8, 2003, and is scheduled to receive the city's certificate of occupancy in March 2004.
According to city planner Jason Smisko, the company has applied for a temporary certificate of occupancy that would allow it to open one of its two public golf courses ahead of schedule.

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