central business district

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central business district (CBD)

Typically the downtown section of a city,generally containing the finance, real estate,insurance, and legal headquarters for the city.

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On the first day of my return to South Africa following an eight-year absence, from the shadows of the monster-sized police station--it would dwarf London's New Scotland Yard--we drove through the declining Central Business District.
Don Spivak, CRA deputy administrator, said the agency is within the law and is not about to ``break the Bernardi cap'' for the central business district redevelopment area.
Students in CSUN Professor Darrick Danta's Urban Field Studies geography course studied where the best place to locate a central business district or civic center would be if the Valley were to secede from Los Angeles and become its own city.
The SR 203/Tolt Avenue Central Business District Improvements project includes constructing sidewalks and bike lanes and/or shared-use facilities along with adjacent street improvements in the City of Carnation~s Central Business District (CBD) zone along SR 203/Tolt Avenue between Eugene Street and Rutherford Street.
982-acre site in the central business district of Philadelphia, Penn.
Proposed major changes include cancellation of Line 427, an express line between West Hills and the central business district, and cancellation of the express segment of each of the following lines:
Recently cited by Mayor Bloomberg as New York City's newest central business district, the 37-block area of Long Island City was identified in 2001 as a growth area with significant potential for office, retail and residential development.
The downtown and central business district are fast becoming a nostalgic symbol of the past vibrancy of cities.
Australia based Air Melbourne has declared the launching of a Heli-Express service connecting Melbourne s general aviation airport, Moorabbin Airport (MBW), with the central business district and the city s international airport.
1776 On the Green is a Class A office building without comparables within Morristown's central business district or in surrounding towns," noted Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group team member Gary Gabriel, who marketed the property and negotiated the sale with Andrew Merin, David Bernhaut and Jose Cruz.

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