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Commonwealth Development Corporation

An international aid organization established by the British government after the Second World War to aid in post-war development. It has since been partially privatized and assists in international development in various parts of the world. See also: DFID.
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This was in the Northern, Anglian, kingdom of Northumbria (Yorkshire and Southern Scotland), which, as we have already said, had then won the political supremacy, and whose monasteries and capital city, York, thanks to the Irish missionaries, had become the chief centers of learning and culture in Western Christian Europe.
As the center looks to the future, it will be measured by its ability to frame the issues that confront African-Americans.
During the last year, the Midwest Center has funded leadership training for support group leaders in four mid-western states and provided assistance to two states in establishing information and referral systems at state head injury association offices.
The traditional role of the academic center medical staff has been based on the triad of research, teaching, and patient care.
Massachusetts: Heywood Transitional Care Center (Gardner); Greenery Extended Care Center (Worcester); South Cove Manor Nursing Home (Boston); Jordan Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (Roxbury)
14, including bike stunt dirt, aggressive in-line and skateboard, all of which will be at Staples Center.
New York's center has the tradition of being a meeting place [for other organizations], whereas Los Angeles was very programmatic from its inception," says Gwenn Baldwin, executive director of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.
The Point Defiance/Ruston Senior Center was started in 1978 by Catholic Community Services (CCS) after assessing the needs of older persons in the neighborhood adjacent to the North-End CCS office, including Ruston.
One center listed maintenance director among its administrative positions.
The parts are all integrated," said Sonja Griffin, manager of the Child-Parent Center program, sitting in one of the impossibly small, yellow plastic chairs while the children played outside.
Still, O'Rourke remembers his angst up until the day the TECH (Teaching, Education, Collaboration, Help) Center opened its doors on January 6.
The core center thus is charged with creating effective teams at the institution(s) it serves to enhance existing programs in environmental health research and to build capacity in new and emerging areas which support or enhance these new directions in environmental health.

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