cats and dogs

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Cats and dogs

Speculative stocks with short histories of sales, earnings, and dividend payments.

Cats and Dogs

A slang term for highly speculative stocks with little history or documentation indicating likelihood of success.

cats and dogs

Speculative securities.
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In 1999, 45,909 cats and dogs were euthanized statewide in Utah (13,306 of them healthy); in 2003, No More Homeless Pets in Utah reduced total shelter deaths to 36,121, while increasing adoptions by 10,827.
Only cats and dogs can be insured in the United States, but Smith sees a strong possibility that coverage will be expanded to cover the family horse and pet rabbits, such as in the United Kingdom.
Conventional medicine has nothing to offer animals suffering from kidney disease, one of the top causes of death among cats and dogs.
To meet the needs of these pet-lovers, today, The Goodlife Recipe[TM] brand launches the next generation of pet food with a full line of main meals, snacks and treats for cats and dogs.
Now rabbits, hamsters, pythons, iguanas, feral cats and countless domestic cats and dogs - up to four at a time - stop for a dance in Santa's lap.
In Hawaii, cats and dogs as well as the imported mongoose have seriously affected nesting waterbirds and two seabirds--the dark-rumped petrel and Newell's shearwater, according to the National Biological Service.
It's "reigning" cats and dogs and all other pets in this country according to the latest statistics from the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA).
The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services destroyed more than 35,000 cats and dogs last year.
Americans share their homes with more than 112 million cats and dogs, not to mention an assortment of reptiles, birds, horses and exotic animals.
Spa grooming products for cats and dogs by Pet Silk, Inc.
Tina Chang, a veterinarian at the Animal Clinic of Encino, said the number of fat cats and dogs she sees is much greater than 25 percent.
Nutri-Vet offers a line of supplements and vitamins for cats and dogs including a hip & joint formula, www.