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Therefore, you should ask more net worth questions when the client is weak on cash flow, and visa versa.
Assuming the settlement price is the probabilistic price of about $152,200, internal rates of return can be calculated from the cash flows for each future lifetime.
First, management may want to overestimate future cash flows to avoid write-offs.
The cash flow analysis compilation allows prosecutors to provide juries with a tangible record of how the suspect committed the crime and spent the victims' money.
Over the medium term, projected 2008 dividend cash flows to AEI are expected to cover debt service by slightly more than 4x on average.
Add the increase in vacancies to the increase in interest rates and a property such as this will likely generate a negative cash flow.
Moreover, the securitization transaction allowed the insurers who owed LongMiller residual commissions to invest in a security backed by their commission cash flows.
government takes one-third or more of these additional cash flow dollars.
The number is useful only if the market value is unobservable, future cash flow predictions are reliable, the discount rate is imputed from facts about similar assets or liabilities and the results of the process are reevaluated over time.
The primary contributors to BAM's operating cash flows include its 100% stake in Brookfield Power (IDR 'BBB-'), controlling stakes in Brookfield Properties and Brookfield Homes, investment income from its specialty real estate and restructuring groups, fee income from managing assets on behalf of others, and cash received from a pool of other diversified residential and commercial real estate interests.
Another important benefit of insurance is a reduction in the volatility of an insured firm's cash flow and earnings.