cash available for distribution

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cash available for distribution (CAD)

Encountered in REIT (real estate investment trust) and large corporation accounting, it is cash from operations after payment of all expenses and a reserve for taxes,repairs,and reasonably anticipated capital expenditures.

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However, cash available for distribution has limitations as an analytical tool because it does not capture the level of capital expenditures necessary to maintain the operating performance of our projects, does not include changes in operating assets and liabilities and excludes the effect of certain other cash flow items, all of which could have a material effect on our financial condition and results from operations.
We define cash available for distribution as adjusted EBITDA:
We define Cash Available for Distribution as cash distributions expected to be received from Enterprise Products Partners in connection with our investments in limited and general partner interests of Enterprise Products Partners minus our expenditures for general and administrative costs and debt service.
The increases in both net income and cash available for distribution were primarily the result of the October 31, 2012 acquisition of a 38.
Cash available for distribution (CAD) is defined as AFFO, adjusted for certain non-cash amortization and an allowance for recurring capital expenditures equal to four percent of hotel room revenue from continuing operations.
The increases in both net income and cash available for distribution were the result of the October 31, 2012 acquisition of a 38.
The preliminary financial results for the period following the closing of the initial public offering through December 31, 2012 ("Post IPO Period") and for the three months ended December 31, 2012 presented below, and utilized for the determination of cash available for distribution, are forward-looking statements based on preliminary estimates.
at end of period $835,914 $835,914 Debt principal outstanding at end of period $146,500 $146,500 Cash available for distribution (see Exhibit C) $28,461 $56,282 Enterprise GP Holdings L.
The increases in net income and cash available for distribution for the year were mainly driven by the additions of the Big Sandy Pipeline and East Tennessee's Northeastern Tennessee (NET) assets to our portfolio in the third quarter 2011, offset by lower revenues at Ozark Gas Transmission.
Anticipating a closing in the third quarter, CharterMac expects that the transaction will be neutral to Cash Available for Distribution ("CAD") per share in 2006 and accretive to CAD per share in 2007, when the Company will fully recognize the earnings contribution and the expense synergies related to the acquisition.
Anticipates Significant Growth in 2013 Cash Available for Distribution
RAIT expects that the transaction will be accretive immediately to its dividends per share and cash available for distribution per share.