cash account

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Cash account

A brokerage account that settles transactions on a cash-rather than credit-basis.

Special Cash Account

A brokerage account in which the customer must pay the full amount for securities purchased by an agreed upon date, often within two days of the purchase. Customers are not allowed to borrow in order to pay off the account. Special cash accounts in the United States are governed by Regulation T and are the most basic kind of investment account. Examples of special cash accounts include Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and trusts for minor children.

cash account

A brokerage account requiring that cash payments on purchases and deliveries on sales be made promptly. (Settlement is officially five business days after the transaction date.) The cash account is the most popular type of brokerage account even though it does not permit investor borrowing (that is, buying on margin). Also called special cash account. Compare margin account.

cash account


cash book

a LEDGER account which records all of a company's cash incomings and outgoings. See ACCOUNTING.
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The CAP Money system advises to put the correct amounts of money in your regular payments account and your cash account, and then simply transfer the rest into your savings account.
During the summer months, funds in the Summer Cash account are transferred to the member's SECU account of choice.
The Halifax has hit back at claims that it is trying to ban less well off customers, who have one of the bank's Card Cash accounts, from using its branches
This case is the latest enforcement action brought by NASD in the area of cash account practices by firms that violate Regulation T.
But for this first year alone the limit is pounds 7,000, of which pounds 3,000 can go into a cash account.
Specifically, NASD informed Datek and iClearing in October 2001 that day trading in cash accounts without requiring full cash payment for each purchase prior to its sale violated Regulation T.
City Hall critics raise similar questions about the petty cash account, accusing officials of showing little regard for the public at a time when city fees are being hiked and services cut.
Crooked employees clearly favor misappropriating the former--nearly nine in 10 illegal schemes in the study involved the cash account.
If the investor bought the stock in a cash account and paid for it in full, she'll earn a 50 percent return on the investment.
We found out one lieutenant was using a cash account like it was his own money.
In November 1990 the rating on the city's Airport Revenue Bonds was revised to "Ba" from "Baa" reflecting weakened revenue bondholder security due the enterprise's participation in the city's consolidated cash account and its resulting exposure to the city's financial crisis.
Payors and employers will be able to tie the MyHealthBank cash account incentives to the A.