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As well as saving consumers from over-pricing by car makers, this action would help the environment as well as totally confusing the rabid anti- car lobby in Edinburgh City Council.
The number of arbitration cases per cars sold among car makers with state-certified arbitration programs.
Japenese car maker Mitsubishi, which is to build its new supermini in Europe, is planning to produce a new medium sized pick-up truck in the USA.
A spokesman for the Munich-based car maker confirmed an offer had been made but said it was confidential.
Foreign car makers are expected to profit from the anticipated growth while sales of Russian car makers will re main stagnant.
Car makers Nissan has seen a surprise rise in quarterly profits, boosted by increased sales in Europe and China.
Volkswagen is China's dominant foreign car maker, with some 30% of the market.
The industry and trade ministry said foreign investment will not cause problem for local car makers as it is not easy for foreign products to meet the minimum local content of 40% to be able to take advantage of the AFTA scheme of an import duty of 5%.
Opel is not alone among German car manufacturers, which have been spurred by proposed legislation from the Federal Environment Minister, which would require car makers to dispose of their used vehicles and set a target of 25% of the weight of plastics on their cars to be made from recycled materials by 1994.
Malaysian car maker Proton will not sell its Lotus subsidiary even if things get tough, group managing director Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said yesterday.
LUXURY car maker Jaguar reported a rise in sales last month, but confirmed that non-production days will continue at Halewood.
The Coventry-based car maker was elbowed out of its usual third position by the German car giant, Volkswagen, which sold just 10 more cars than the French firm.