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However, depending on captive product structure, the process of forming a captive can be complex, time-consuming and require significant expertise.
The positive relationship between local outsourcing and captive offshoring of product development is stronger (weaker) when the captive product development unit has an absolute low-cost (high-cost) position compared to other MNC units located abroad.
The trade-off relationship between local cooperation and captive offshoring may also be affected by the captive product development unit's cost position within the corporate network.
Hypothesis 3b: The focal captive product development unit's absolute cost position negatively moderates the relationship between local cooperation with clients and captive offshore orders.
based company that developed the "CapPlus" captive product in 2006, helped Francis create CQG's private insurance company.
Zurich, one of the world's largest property-casualty insurance companies, announced today that it is now offering its group captive product to agency, association and managing general agent (MGA) captives using independently owned segregated portfolio companies.
The segregated portfolio option is one example of how Zurich customizes its group captive product.
We are continually seeking ways to augment our portfolio of group captive products to meet the needs of our customers and this approach allows us to offer specialized solutions designed to meet their unique requirements," said Bryant.
The operations are perfect for our captive product mix, but also open the door for outside jobs.
He will provide technical support across business lines in structuring global captive programs; ensure global programs are in compliance and following best practices; and work with XL Catlin clients and broking partners to develop new and innovative captive products.