capital improvement

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capital improvement

See capital expenditure.

Capital Improvement

An improvement made to extend the useful life of a property or add to its value. Major repairs such as the replacement of a roof are capital improvements. The costs of capital improvements to business property must be capitalized and may be depreciated.
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In short, working capital improvement programs also improve customer service.
Because of that, we are telling the council this is the budget we are recommending, but we are not going to add the four people until this circumstance gets sorted out, and we're looking at which capital improvements can be held back.
that were part of a "general plan" but did not effect a capital improvement to the hotel structure itself did not cause recharacterization.
The court concluded that the basis, sale price and the cost of capital improvements had to be determined using the exchange rate in effect when the purchase, sale or improvement took place.
The reaffirmed AA rating indicates continued strong confidence in City Light's financial strength, management and capital improvement program," noted acting Superintendent Zarker.
California water agencies such as CLWA must make capital improvements on an ongoing basis in order to maintain adequate, high-quality water supplies,'' CLWA board President Don Froelich said in a statement.
The Capital Improvement Program Revenue Bonds, Series 1994 are secured solely by the county's revenue distribution of the statewide "half-cent" sales tax, and are being issued on parity with the county's 1987 Gulf Breeze Loan and the Series 1993 Capital Improvement Program refunding revenue bonds (Criminal Justice Facilities).
The city's newly developed five year $382 million capital improvement plan (CIP) is manageable and fully funded.
A new ski-school area and a 14,000-square-foot midstation observation deck complete the $20 million capital improvement program.
There is a distinction in the tax code between deductible repair expenses and capital improvements.
The 'A' rating reflects the district's sound financial and capital improvement program management, low to moderate debt levels, good financial results, manageable population growth, strong assessed valuation (AV) growth, and good labor relations.

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