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Gemma Hughes, 17, was left with a black eye and a swollen cheek after she was battered by 21-year-old Karl Bye.
With a bye this weekend, UCLA QB Ben Olson said he was going to ``sit on the couch .
While the bye in 1998 probably wasn't as crucial as Oregon came off the break to beat Washington State 51-29, the bye has been well-timed the past three seasons.
This gustatory tradition suggests another line of research, Bye notes.
Heavyweight: K M Mais (Splott Adventure) bye to final.
Darwen bye; New Brighton v Toft; Bramhall bye; Ormskirk v Horwich RMI; Norton in Hales v Ribblesdale Wanderers; Bolton v Lytham; Egerton v Preston; Hale Barns bye.
Joseph Armstrong, Chief Technical Officer of Ascent Solar, stated, "Applications such as those being developed by Bye Aerospace are able to utilize the many advantages of our high-performance CIGS on polyimide PV technology such as monolithic integration, low mass and flexibility for conformal installation.
Bye was found guilty of affray at Warwick Crown Court last month.
He heard a car-horn sounding behind him, before a black Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, being driven by Bye, pulled alongside him on the offside of the road and went past him.
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They are now amid their second of three scheduled bye weeks this season, the third to surface on Nov.
Send your answer, with your name and address, to: Bye Bye Becks Contest, PO Box 4013, London E14 5BE by Wednesday, September 10.