buy order

Buy order

An order to a broker to purchase a specific quantity of a security.

Buy Order

An instruction from an investor to a broker to buy a certain amount of a security. Buy orders may take various forms. For example, an investor may instruct the broker to buy immediately at the best available price, or to wait until a certain price is reached. See also: Sell order.

buy order

A brokerage order to purchase a specified quantity of a security.
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The new tool helps users to export inventory, buy order data from InstantGMP and upload it to QuickBooks instead of updating it in several applications.
buy order - above the highest high +5 pips<br> - sell order - below the lowest low and -5 pips
Justin Bates, analyst at the Liverpool office of stockbroker Numis, attributed the rapid rise to a badly executed buy order, with a dealer giving the false impression he was in the market for a very large number of shares.
has announced it has seen a dramatic increase in the number of investors purchasing loans using the Standing Buy Order feature of the firm's electronic secondary mortgage marketplace, www.
When the prices of a buy order and a sell order for a stock matched in the file, the trades would be executed automatically, without involving a brokerage firm that is a market-maker in the stock.
If the money doesn't reach the firm three days after the buy order, your dub may be fined or penalized and put on a restricted list.
Yes, any investor whose buy order was refused can join as a plaintiff in the class action law suit.
Members can sell any holdings acquired through a Dollar-based buy order for the same $4 per trade flat commission.
Summary: Within the last 45 minutes our Forex Buy/Sell Automated Trading Signals placed a buy order on the GBPJPY using the Eoe1/4EoRange1Eoe1/4Ci system.
If the drop didn't take place as a result of something dramatic, this market enthusiast will put in a buy order, hoping to see the shares go back up.
Joe stated that he is on the quest for strong momentum when it comes to putting in a buy order.