business ethics

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The study and practice of appropriate behavior, regardless of the behavior's legality. Certain industries have professional organizations setting and promoting certain ethical standards. For example, an accountant may be required to refrain from engaging in aggressive accounting, even when a particular type of aggressive accounting is not illegal. Professional organizations may censure or revoke the licenses of those professionals who are found to have violated the ethical standards of their fields.

In investing, ethics helps inform the investment decisions of some individuals and companies. For example, an individual may have a moral objection to smoking and therefore refrain from investing in tobacco companies. Ethics may be both positive and negative in investing; that is, it may inform where an individual makes investments (e.g. in environmentally friendly companies) and where he/she does not (e.g. in arms manufacturers). Some mutual funds and even whole subdivisions are dedicated to promoting ethical investing. See also: Green fund, Islamic finance.

business ethics

moral guidelines for the conduct of business based on notions of what is right, wrong and fair. Most business people rely upon their own consciences in making business decisions, falling back upon their own moral and religious backgrounds for guidance. However, business people are also affected by their superiors and immediate colleagues when making business decisions and may feel pressurized to behave unethically when seeking to make profits. Over recent years many firms and industries have attempted to develop codes of conduct which can be used to guide managers when making decisions.
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SASREF President Abdullah Al-Baiz opened the symposium saying that by organizing the event, SASREF is trying to achieve several objectives, including creating awareness of business ethics and fraud control measures in the Jubail Industrial Community and sharing business ethics and values.
We are committed to setting benchmarks in upholding our business ethics and compliance commitment, with our Code of Conduct being introduced across all our operations globally," he added.
The goal of inJAz Bahrain's Business Ethics Programme is to prepare young Bahraini students for the professional world.
In fact, the Arthur Anderson Company was very well recognized for its positive contributions and sponsorships, endorsing education in business ethics.
Additionally, ENOC has also introduced its Business Ethics & Compliance Programme for Arabic speakers at Tasjeel, the UAE's one stop shop for all vehicle testing and registration needs, the release continued.
Ties That Bind: A Social Contracts Approach to Business Ethics.
Recognition in the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Awards is the result of evaluation by an independent panel of judges from the business, academic, public service and consulting sectors in North Texas.
The presentation will touch upon unethical behaviors, the role of top level management in enhancing business ethics in organization, as well as explaining the relationships between business ethics and organizational performance based on profitability (law and order to avoid legal violations), revenue (increasing sales due good reputation and quality of products), high return on investment (due to all consequences of good ethical practices), market share (due to good reputation), and image and reputation (due to good ethical measures and practices).
Cafferky (the Ruth McKee Chair for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at Southern Adventist University, Collegedale, Tennessee) explores the biblical resources for moral guidance and ethical consideration.
The most serious procedural issue at stake is whether ethics committees would be coopted by institutional values if they considered business ethics cases.
The chapter titled The Fundamental Principles of Business Ethics is written by Elaine Sternberg, professor of philosophy at the University of Leeds and director of Analytical Solutions, a London-based company specializing in business ethics.
The bimonthly Business Ethics ($49/ year) will keep entrepreneurs, employees and investors abreast of evolving social issues in the rapidly changing business world.

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