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It then rejected National's contention that although the tarp was integral to loading and unloading because tarping was required by law, the bungee cords and rolling staircase were not necessary to load the waste into the trailer.
Again, a cut up cardboard box, which was painted like one of his toy police cars, was tied on to his chair with bungee cords.
The revolutionary Python Cut-To-Fit Bungee Kit comes complete with 72 inches of super-strength UV resistant bungee cord tubing; six custom-contoured high-impact hooks that won't scratch or rust; six plugs for securing the hooks; and one custom cutting tool.
Whether you fasten it to your swimsuit using its one of a kind attach-and-go bungee cord, or hook it to your hiking gear while you backpack, UE ROLL connects to you, your friends and your music.
Our nausea reaches a crescendo in the Poo Cocktail Supreme, involving a blue portable toilet attached to a bungee cord.
To better absorb shock from a rocking skiff, try a bungee cord rather than the typical dock line--it wilt also somewhat decrease the chance of breakage where your pole is buried in the bottom.
In his latest stunt, he was propelled by bungee cord on to a ramp, and he then used his immense upper body strength to flip twice.
Three air freshener bottles hung from a bungee cord, the agency's report said.
The LHD consists of a red LED encased in a translucent plastic hose that wraps around your eyepiece, held tight with a bungee cord.
A bungee cord is made of rubber or polyproplyene with a durable outer jacket.
Inside this one is a rubber chicken, a bungee cord, some beer cans, and, beneath the whole mess, a crumpled American flag.
An easily detachable bungee cord hooks onto a loop sewn into the pocket, providing both convenience and security.