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A matrix study was performed using these two resins to determine the optimum blend ratios to achieve superior sanding and buffing performance.
Model FAB buffing machine consists of a frame with guide rails, a table with horizontal and vertical travel and a buffing head which can be moved along the length of the machine.
When they turned on the buffing machine, the vapor from the acetone sparked a flash fire, Kosma said.
The accompanying figures are SEM images taken of one area of a disk, before and after buffing, where the buffing was done in two separate steps with analysis after each step.
The rejuvenated disc can then be dried with the special cloth and buffing square provided, and returned to your digital library in mint condition.
Key statement: Embodiments of the invention are used to provide ways of tire tread molding and retreading with a double tread rubber body having a unitary structure that comprises two treads in order to remove the need for buffing an oxide layer typically associated with tread molding and curing.
If elbow grease alone won't do the trick, or if you have large areas to cover, use a drill and small buffing wheel (Photo 1; $6 at home centers).