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THEY ARE SHELVING bottom-up planning and multi-iterative budgeting processes for top-down strategic plans budgeted by department managers--who are compensated for achieving measurable results.
The Reserve Bank 1991 expense increase-both priced and nonpriced-was budgeted at 5.
Besides these major initiatives, it may be helpful to look at 1990 budgeted expenses on the basis of our four service lines.
The total budgeted expense of the Reserve Banks--both priced and nonpriced--was held to the 1989 budget objective of 5.
Los Angeles' fiscal 2004 financial performance is expected to be better than budgeted, with revenue loss from the state's vehicle license fee reduction more than offset by good gains in certain tax revenues.
In addition, approximately 5,000 meters of diamond drilling has been budgeted at our Buesichem pit to in-fill past drilling to a nominal 25 meter drill pattern and to collect samples for further metallurgical test work.
Funds allocated to exploration and development activities total $402 million, or 87 percent of the total capital budget, while downstream capital expenditures are budgeted at $58 million.
Targeted for budget administrators and financial planners, BUDGET 2000 is built on the Pilot Analysis Server, a multi-dimensional database which stores budgeted, actual and forecast data.