budget surplus

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Budget surplus

The amount by which government revenues exceed government spending.

Budget Surplus

The amount by which revenue exceeds expenditures. A budget surplus means that the budget is likely healthy, at least in the short-term, and that the government, company or individual it regards does not have to resort to borrowing. A company must have a budget surplus in order to make a profit. See also: Deficit.

budget surplus

a surplus of TAXATION receipts over GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE. Budget surpluses are used as an instrument of FISCAL POLICY to reduce the level of AGGREGATE DEMAND in the economy. See BUDGET (government), BUDGET DEFICIT, PUBLIC SECTOR DEBT REPAYMENT.
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Increased spending on public services, salaries and investments is expected next year given the budget surplus, he said.
Last month, Kuwait's ruler said the misuse of budget surplus, including unproductive spending, has led to structural imbalances in the Gulf Arab economy.
Qatar had its highest budget surplus in 2009-2010 because of a surge in revenue although the world's top gas exporter had projected a deficit.
The official sources at federal capital informed that despite having an understanding with federal government for creating one percent of the GDP budget surplus of around Rs 160 billion by the provinces during the ongoing fiscal year 2010-11.
According to Bourland a SR55 bn budget surplus for 2006 showed the incredible strength of the oil market during an exceptional year for Saudi government finances.
If you have maximised your household income, the only alternative solution t o increasing your budget surplus is to reduce your spending
In January 2001, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected a cumulative federal budget surplus of $2.
Romanow would use the federal budget surplus that he foresees over the next five years to pay for an improved and expanded system.
But the battle for funding is becoming increasingly difficult with a shrinking budget surplus and the current demands of homeland security.
The Bush administration managed to restore--briefly--the budget surplus.
Last May, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicted the federal government would have a $275 billion budget surplus (excess of money) at the end of fiscal year 2001.