budget surplus

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Budget surplus

The amount by which government revenues exceed government spending.

Budget Surplus

The amount by which revenue exceeds expenditures. A budget surplus means that the budget is likely healthy, at least in the short-term, and that the government, company or individual it regards does not have to resort to borrowing. A company must have a budget surplus in order to make a profit. See also: Deficit.

budget surplus

a surplus of TAXATION receipts over GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE. Budget surpluses are used as an instrument of FISCAL POLICY to reduce the level of AGGREGATE DEMAND in the economy. See BUDGET (government), BUDGET DEFICIT, PUBLIC SECTOR DEBT REPAYMENT.
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But even if the UK votes to remain in the EU this week, we think that the Chancellor only has a slim chance of meeting his budget surplus goal.
At $107 a barrel, Saudi-based Samba Financial Group estimated that Qatar's budget surplus might exceed $24bn, or 11.
Fahd Al-Turki, head of the department at Jadwa, said the predicted budget surplus for 2014 was much higher than what was expected, adding that his department based its studies on the latest figures.
The last time the government incurred a budget surplus in the month of May was in 2008, when it registered a P7.
With these results, the target for a primary budget surplus of 800 million euros this year becomes achievable," he told reporters on Thursday.
Hitting a primary budget surplus, before interest payments, is key for Greece because it would trigger a clause in its EU/IMF bailout allowing it to seek further debt relief from its lenders.
To note, the items of revenues, expenditures and the sources of the budget surplus financing do not take into account the funds
For example, for 2014 the OECD expects the Korean government to run a budget surplus that will be equal to 2 percent of its GDP.
Kuwait's Government budget surplus stood at KWD 14.
Alassaf said he was not willing to speculate what Saudi Arabia's budget surplus or deficit may look like by 2016.
According to the Ministry of Finance's preliminary estimate released on 12 July, the federal budget surplus amounted to RUB247.
The reason given for ending the scheme was to reduce spending and make savings, but now 16 months later in June 2012 Kirklees Council has a budget surplus of pounds 15.