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Here they found a spring of pure bubbling water, around which the grass was full of wild strawberry plants, their pretty red berries ripe and ready to eat.
Long after the others were asleep, however, the shaggy man sat in the starlight by the spring, gazing thoughtfully into its bubbling waters.
Blood was bubbling over his chin and down upon his ragged shirt.
Captain Jim told his stories better, Gilbert was quicker in argument and repartee, Anne felt little gushes and trickles of fancy and imagination bubbling to her lips under the influence of Leslie's personality.
He used to call the Countess Lidia Ivanovna, well known in society, a samovar, because she was always bubbling over with excitement.
She blows at the pipe as she speaks, and, occasionally bubbling at it, inhales much of its contents.
A mighty fire was blazing on the hearth and roaring up the wide chimney with a cheerful sound, which a large iron cauldron, bubbling and simmering in the heat, lent its pleasant aid to swell.
We want everyone to experience the same kind of joy we do every time we go bubbling.
In recent years, efforts were also made to understand the non-linear characteristics of bubble formation processes or chaos in bubbling.
Consequently, Siberian lakes are making a surprisingly large contribution to atmospheric methane, a planet-wanning greenhouse gas, according to a new analysis of the methane bubbling from those lakes.
If bubbling outside, be aware of the wind - it should always be behind you.
2~ gas begins effusing, or bubbling out of the liquid in which it is dissolved, as it seeks equilibrium with its surrounding environment.