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Many neighborhoods impacted by Sandy continue to struggle to rebuild and develop beneficial reuses on their brownfield sites.
Every year there are hundreds of applicants to EPA's Brownfields Grant Program.
Nearly 15 per cent of all nationally scarce insects are recorded from brownfield sites and there are as many Red Data and nationally scarce invertebrate species associated with brownfield sites as with ancient woodlands.
By awarding grants to those committed to cleaning up and developing brownfield sites, we can start revitalizations that may not otherwise have occurred, and that will bring real benefits to local neighborhoods.
Creating green spaces out of brownfields can complement other types of redevelopment, such as the more typical commercial or industrial, on nearby properties (De Sousa 2006).
The Brownfields Act of 1998 provided financial incentives and liability relief for parties undertaking brownfields cleanup projects.
A Brownfield is any real property which, due to actual or suspected environmental contamination, may le idle, unaccupied, underutilized or unused.
EPA announced 296 new Brownfields grants totaling about $70 million, bringing total funds to $1.
6 million to provide funding for grant recipients to carry out cleanup activities at brownfields sites they own;
Those involved in brownfields remediation pin many hopes on the process.
Barriers remain at properties highly contaminated with asbestos, PCBs or even lead-based paint, but Colangelo said contractors who can offer developers the full range of services including abatement, remediation and demolition are well positioned to be involved in the brownfields boom.
At some point researchers will have drilled brownfields to exhaustion.