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The Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs now needs to make this information known to the people of this Country as the bride price payment is still being practiced (p.
Indeed, many youth from both settings reported that they had never seen a traditional marriage in which bride price was exchanged.
While the idea of a "chuangmen" or bride price is not new, the expectations for their worth have increased exponentially.
The protagonist Gumba is a victim of the tradition of taking and giving bride price that was prevalent among the Adis.
The wedding ceremony itself is celebrated as soon as the go-betweens of the suitor and her father have agreed on the amount of a massive bride price paid in silver ingots (8 to 14 in the early 1970s).
We need those in authority to take the law more seriously, but change will happen fastest when communities recognize that the economic and social value of educating girls outweighs their bride price.
When he was a teenager, you gave the girl's parents 11 camels and an AK-47 assault rifle as bride price and then waited
Why do our parliamentarians not come up with a legislation to say the bride price for every bride will be so much say R10000 or so or even abolish the whole idea of lobola?
The bride price the groom's family would pay would give the father more cattle.
When some Canadian friends kicked in enough money to pay the bride price, Grace was returned to her grateful husband.
Harriet, a White group member, spoke of Emecheta, author of The Bride Price, a Nigerian in England
They were routinely sold by their fathers for the bride price and bought by their husbands as a down payment on sons and those were deemed the lucky ones.