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Breaking Ground has committed to construct 1,000 new affordable units to help New York City's most vulnerable residents over the next five years, including its first housing for low-income families.
Next month, Madison Equities at will be breaking ground at 410 East 92nd Street for a 226-room Marriott, which, because of zoning laws, is designated to be the last hotel to ever be built on Manhattan's Upper East Side.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD - After years of unfulfilled promises, city and county officials moved ahead Thursday with ambitious plans to revitalize the heart of North Hollywood, breaking ground on a 15-story complex that will dominate the Valley skyline and opening a nearby public library.
Breaking ground on the 50 acre Coshocton Ethanol facility continues Altra's current phase of its strategic projects as it seeks to build five hundred million gallons of biofuel production capacity through the acquisition of existing operating assets and the development of strategically located permitted facilities across the nation with state-of-the-art biofuel refining technology.
McGreevey's Executive Order establishing the SCC--one day after breaking ground July 28 on Elizabeth School #30 and Elizabeth School #31.
The public hearing is one of the last hurdles school officials must clear before breaking ground.
We are very proud to be breaking ground on this property and to be part of such an iconic city," says Alvaro Diago, Area President, InterContinental Hotels Group Latin America.