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At a snail's pace, it flows down to the sea, where it replenishes the parts of the ice sheet that break off.
A huge iceberg more than 5,000 sq km, almost the size of Delaware, is ready to break off from the ice shelf, satellite observations this month show.
Holding the rear end of the missile can break off the graphite that burns in flight.
THE American government yesterday warned Sinn Fein and the IRA to break off its link with international terrorism and rogue states such as Cuba.
or the MTA would break off state-mediated talks until this morning.
In another daily cycle of the retina (left, X13,000), the tips of lizard photoreceptor cells break off.
To clear 15 classrooms, cancel 960 m 2 of drywall, abort 650 m 2 of dry plaster, abort 1 500 m 2 grid ceilings, break off 1 130 m 2 of floor structures, 1 050 m 2 insulation break off top floor, 1 050 m 2 standing seam cover with wooden shuttering, 310 m 2 break off the aluminum window ribbons, 130 running meters break off external venues, remove and dispose of 375 m 2 fiber cement facade cladding with insulation and wooden substructure, disassembly work electrical.
The enormous piece of ice, almost the size of the state of Delaware, will soon break off of the Larsen C ice shelf after a rift rapidly grew in December.
United Teachers Los Angeles, whose members include teachers, counselors, nurses and other school workers, voted this week to authorize a strike against the Los Angeles Unified School District if contract talks break off.