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And fresh from the Chatty Man experience, Brass Neck has bagged three more top TV comics to come and play this spring.
I AM amazed at the sheer nerve and brass neck demonstrated by Clr Stanfield over the chairmanship of a public meeting called by Jason McCartney.
MALCOLM Reid's rubbishing of the claims of wind farm opponents (The Journal, June 23) must surely win him the brass neck award for 2011.
How they have the brass neck to spend trillions of our money bombing innocent Libyans and deny a lifeline to the Welsh language is unbelievable.
It almost makes it worse that they're speaking when the microphones are not on as opposed to when they are on, because (they have) never really had the brass neck to say it publicly, they would only say it privately.
He has bankrupted the UK with his incompetence and bad management of the economy and had the brass neck to blame the USA for our problems.
A year doing diddly squat and trousering pounds 9,000 a day in severance pay after botching his previous job and he's got the brass neck to claim it was stressful.
THE phenomenon of players engineering a move to another club is as common as cards and corner flags in today's game but Lecce starlet Valeri Bojinov gets 100 per cent for brass neck Reports in Italy suggest CSKA Moscow are preparing an pounds 8.
The shows are being put on by Brass Neck Comedy Club, which hosts monthly performances by standup comedians.
Even then he'd probably be safe, for with his brass neck the poor natives would need lasers to cut his head off.
In an interview with the Press Association, he said: "I think the directors are showing brass neck nerve in the light of these findings of a very thorough and painstaking report to suggest that it is a whitewash or a witch-hunt, when the finger of blame and responsibility points so clearly at them.